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KPKITCS - Kit Inspiration Christmas Stocking

Product Description

Need ideas to fill those stockings?  Here are wonderful ideas, ready-made kits for babies, children and adults!

Kit 0-2 years old: Textured Ball, Owl Chewy, Bath Buddy Toy, Rainmaker

Kit 2-5 years old: Stamp kit, Grip BallWater Bead Kit (pincers, beads and animals), Finger Crayons

Kit 6-12 years old: Duo 2-color markers, Squiggle wiggle shaky pen, Wikki Stix, KP putty (red), Color Shift Game

Kit Teens & Adults: 6 popular fidgets including 1 twist necklace, 1 boinks with marble, 1 sensory ring, 1 fidget egg, 1 finger fiddler and 1 DNA Ball with light



Bas de Noël noel Noel Kit