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KPKITF - Kit Fidget Classroom

Product Description
  • 1 Balle de Stress Molle / Soft Stress Ball
  • 1 Balle DNA lumineuse / DNA Light Ball
  • 1 Balle Neutron / Neutron Stress Ball
  • 2 animaux à étirer (Chien et Chenille) / Fidget Stretchy Dog and Fidget Crawly 
  • 1 Balle de Stress Néon avec Filet / Neon Mesh Stress Ball
  • 1 Balle de Stress Porc-Épic / Porcupine Stress Ball
  • 1 Fidget avec yeux exorbitants / Peeper Poppin Fidget
  • 3 Tangles (thérapie relax, métallique & Jr.) / Tangles (relax therapy, metallic & Jr.) 
  • 1 Souris & Fromage à manipuler / Mice and Cheese Fidget
  • 1 Balle de Stress Pieuvre / Octopus Water Stress Ball
  • 2 Puttys (Résistance faible et résistance ferme) / Putty (Firm and Soft Resistance) 
  • 1 Balle de Stress Atomique / Atom Ball Fidget
  • 1 Monstre Fidget KP / KP Monster Fidget
  • 1 Collier Twist / 1 Twist Necklace
  • 3 Boinks


Items can be different to image 



At Kit Planete, we believe that information is key in supporting parents, educators and teachers and children.  That is why we have developed our product notes.  They serve as a guide for product use and include how-to, recommendations and detailed descriptions.  We want you to enjoy our toys and products but also know how they can work for you and your child.  Please take the time to click on the green Product Notes button, review the product note carefully and refer to as needed.


The product notes are only available in French at this moment but we are working hard to bring them to you in English very soon!