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KPKITDS - My Space Physical Distancing KIT

Product Description

**IN STOCK - DELIVERY in 24 to 48 hours**

We have worked hard at making available a turnkey solution for schools, hospitals, professional clinics, social environments and daycares 

Objectives of Kit Planete physical distancing kits

• Illustrate, with specific visual cues the concept of physical distancing for children with or without special needs, using colorful floor decals.

• Make available a tangible, personalized and adaptable tool, that can be easily integrated to new realities and social distancing rules of a group.

Content of kits (see specific images)

Kit 1: 15 circle decals of 11.5'' X 11.5'' dimension (15 frogs for daycare, 15 lilypads for elementary, 15 arrows for adults)

Kit 2: 15 instruction decals (3 rectangles of 10'' X 16'' and 12 circles of 11.5'' X 11.5'')

Instructions: wash hands, disinfect hands, keep 2m distance, follow this direction and 1 rainbow with personalizable instruction using permanent marker 

Kit 3: 21 individual instruction stickers for desks or boards 

Instructions: I wash my work surface, I wash my tools, I cough in my elbow, I keep my distances, I wash my hands for 20 seconds, I don't touch my face



 *Decals are high quality stickers - warranty of one full school year

*Instruction sheet including installation and upkeep of decals is included with your purchase



décalques décalque

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At Kit Planete, we believe that information is key in supporting parents, educators and teachers and children.  That is why we have developed our product notes.  They serve as a guide for product use and include how-to, recommendations and detailed descriptions.  We want you to enjoy our toys and products but also know how they can work for you and your child.  Please take the time to click on the green Product Notes button, review the product note carefully and refer to as needed.


The product notes are only available in French at this moment but we are working hard to bring them to you in English very soon!